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It’s been a depressing week in the news. Afghanistan, Haiti, the U.S. trying to figure out how to keep itself healthy. As we head into one of the last weekends of summer, we have a few alternatives to current events that hopefully will elicit a few laughs, smiles and maybe even a few tears. 


Here are our picks of the week. 


Need a bit of good news these days? There’s a new Girl Scout cookie coming soon

Fast Company 

Adventurefuls, the newest sweet treat from the Girl Scouts of the USA, are described as inspired by brownies.


The Population of Endangered Mountain Gorillas Has Grown by 71% In a Decade

Good Good Good 

After being on the brink of extinction, mountain gorillas population has almost doubled in size thanks to conservation efforts.


Olympian auctions off medal to pay for toddler’s heart operation


“This silver can save lives, instead of collecting dust in a closet,” Maria Andrejczyk said.


I Spent 5 Months Trying to Coax a Cat From My Ceiling

The Atlantic 

The whole time, I misunderstood what was keeping her up there.

Why the Little League World Series is ‘all that is good about baseball’


It’s all about the kids; the kids are kings; the kids show you the way, not the other way around.


The Best of Tiny Love Stories

The New York Times 

These true stories, each no more than 100 words, pack a punch. We gathered 10 of the most powerful to give you a boost.


4 Black female business owners share success stories for Black Business Month

Good Morning America 

August is Black Business Month, which celebrates the Black business owners who make up about 10% of all businesses in the U.S., 35% of those being owned by Black women.


Polish Javelin Thrower Auctions Tokyo Olympics Silver Medal to Help Infant Get Her Heart Surgery

USA Today

Andrejczyk explained Wednesday in a Facebook post that she discovered a fundraiser for 8-month-old Miłoszek Małysa. 

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