Summing Up the Summer

As Summer inches to a close and students return to their dorms and classrooms, it’s also time for us to bid adieu to our four wonderful 2023 summer interns. With projects spanning animation, copywriting, graphic design and public relations, their passion and creativity shined through all the work they’ve done with us these past few months. As they prepare for their next chapters, we asked them to sum up their CTP summer experiences.


Emma Angel

Emma Angel
Creative Intern

My favorite project has probably been the flier for the Summer Outing. It was my first project here and really set the tone for a fun, creative summer. It was also a great introduction to CTP, which has been one of the most cohesive work environments I’ve been in. Seeing how well everyone gets along and works together really opened my eyes to how important the flow of the office is to the quality of work. After my internship, I’ll be going back to Savannah for my senior year at SCAD, and after that who knows!




Natalie Knauf Photo

Natalie Knauf
PR Intern

Throughout my time as the PR Intern, I’ve found immense enjoyment in my work, and getting to engage with clients like Zenni has been a truly fascinating experience, offering a plethora of engaging tasks. I’ve learned the invaluable importance of cultivating a warm and enjoyable work environment. The collective positivity and genuine kindness exuded by each individual in the office consistently cultivates creativity and industriousness, day in and day out, and contributes to the remarkable performance of everyone at CTP. As my internship comes to a close, I am gearing up for the final soccer preseason and senior year at Babson College. If you ever find yourself at one of our soccer matches, drop by and say hello!



Julia Henriques Photo

Julia Henriques
Copywriting Intern

Throughout college, I had to work tirelessly on developing and infusing my own voice and tone into my writing. Now, at CTP I’ve had to learn how to take on various voices and tones that reflect the different brands I am writing for. Over the last three months, I have worked to adapt to each voice and will continue to master this skill throughout my writing career. I would say I feel most proud of being a part of the Cambridge Office for Tourism pitch. I was able to see this process through from beginning to end, from conceptualizing different ideas and mini-festos to bringing our concepts to life for the client. I loved being able to compete to win this business and join in the celebration when we did in fact win. It was a fantastic team effort that I cherished being a part of.

And we cherished her efforts too. Following the end of her post-grad internship, we hired Julia as full-time Junior Copywriter.



Maggie Wollard Photo

Maggie Wollard
Graphic Design Intern

It was so special to be a part of a creative pitch so early into my internship. Getting to see how a creative team functions, and feeling like a valuable piece of that team was a win in itself, but winning the actual pitch was icing on the cake! I feel so lucky to have an internship I can genuinely look forward to each day. It will be bittersweet to leave CTP as I head back to Savannah to finish my last quarter at SCAD, but this internship has made me feel ready for the next chapter of my life. If I had to give myself a title, I’d call myself “most likely to come back to CTP” 😉




Geyllen Qinsky Photo

Geyllen Qinsky
Animation Intern

My key takeaway from my time at CTP is that planning for production really takes a long time and can sometimes be really frightening! The project that’s been my favorite to work on is an animation project for Fundación MAPFRE Safety Quest RV! Since I’ve been creating the animations, I’m extending my internship until the project is done so that I have the chance to see it on the RV. After that, I’m hoping to get a position in an animation studio, while also developing a pitch for my own animated TV series.

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