To create inspired work, we must first be inspired.

A culture that's 50 people strong, where backs are gotten and creativity and performance are at the heart of all we do. Plus, we know how to get after it after hours.

To create inspired work, we need to inspire ourselves first.

We’re big enough to field a softball team but small enough to feel like family. We have parties and potlucks. Book club and paint night. Cold beer on tap. Cold brew too. Impromptu gatherings after work. A meditation room dedicated to deep breaths.

We’re an agency, first and foremost. But what defines us are the things that give CTP its spirit.

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We make the time to make a difference.

From partnering with the Red Sox Scholars and Read to a Child to donating our holiday party fund to Friends of the Children, finding ways to give back has countless benefits for ourselves and those we connect with. It’s why we consider it a core value here, and why we give our employees paid volunteer time off so they can better help the causes closest to them.

CTP Launchpad Program

LaunchPad is a program designed to fuel a new generation of young talent and open doors for high school Students of Color from the City of Boston. If you have an interest in communications, art, design, writing, photography, videography, statistics, event planning, social media or more, but don’t know how or where to apply your skills, you’re in the right place.

With LaunchPad you’ll gain a solid foundation of marketing understanding and skills, while building valuable, long-term professional mentoring relationships in a real agency setting.

We’re striving to give students a head start in their career, while welcoming much-needed diversity into our industry.

Meet our People.

Alexa Bys

No one knows numbers like Alexa. She seamlessly manages client data, crafts insightful reports, and keeps media in check, all while fostering strong vendor connections. Her passion for solving puzzles and unveiling game-changing insights is what truly sets numbers in motion for our clients.

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Alexis DeVilling

A seasoned digital marketing strategist, Alexis combines a passion for creativity with a data-driven approach to deliver impactful online campaigns. With a track record of successfully navigating the dynamic digital landscape, she specializes in developing marketing strategies that drive brand visibility and engagement across all communications channels, from websites to social media and everything in between. Alexis' strategic prowess and agency-wide collaboration consistently elevate our clients' digital presence and deliver unparalleled results.

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Allison Spitaels

Despite what it says on her birth certificate, to us, Allison will always be Skittles. She provides clients with a rainbow of creative solutions that only her design expertise could offer. An extreme logo and type nerd, Skittles underlies every design with deep meaning, helping companies tell their stories through a unique, visual lens.

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Andrea Lenig

There’s nothing Andrea loves more than Mondays. She lives and breathes media around the clock, always looking forward to starting another week of optimizing performance and value for her clients. Dedicated to delivering maximum brand value, she won't stop until her mission is accomplished. Ready to tackle any challenge, Andrea is ever-prepared to devise fresh, groundbreaking media solutions all week long.

Check out Andrea's Linkedin and Five Questions video from our series.

Anna Orlandi

Anna believes in the power of change for the better. Her passion lies in supporting mission-driven organizations and finding creative ways to connect with communities and their needs. With a diverse skill set in content creation and media outreach, Anna doesn’t just meet her clients’ goals. She exceeds them.

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Brett Labnon

The saying is measure twice cut once. Brett says measure twice then measure 10 more times. He’s a numbers guy telling impactful stories with data and insights. That’s how he drives performance for our clients. From planning and marketing to measuring and reporting, Brett shows how things are working but more importantly how they can work even better.

Check out Brett's Linkedin and Five Questions video from our series.

Brian Heffron

As a former journalist, Brian has always been drawn to telling stories. That passion is at the center of everything he does at CTP, whether it is designing a communications strategy for an energy startup, managing a crisis for an iconic sports brand or helping a global nonprofit influence change.

Check out Brian's Linkedin and Five Questions video from our series.

Brynn Sandy

Brynn is our PR powerhouse and resident jack of all trades. Her versatile skill set and creative ideas transcend industries, providing value to her consumer, nonprofit and governmental affairs clients. Whether she’s developing strategic communications plans, conducting media outreach or brainstorming new content, her goal remains the same: to tell meaningful and compelling stories that resonate with the right audiences.

Check out Brynn's Linkedin and Five Questions video from our series.

Bubba Serrano

Bubba is chasing a storyteller’s dream. He packs content with an emotional punch through his exceptional concepting, shooting, and editing skills, and he never rests until his stories make an impact. We’re lucky to have his versatile mind among our ranks.

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Caroline Chipman

Whether at work or play, Caroline is perpetually caught in a blizzard of visual thinking. Her athletic skills make her an expert snowboarder. And her creativity and curiosity guide her every move as a Senior Art Director. She never fails to deliver unique approaches to any creative project. With every design she creates, Caroline is carving out a one-of-a-kind journey to success for her clients.

Check out Caroline's Linkedin and Hot Seat video from our series.

Catie LoGuidice

Catie is the conductor who keeps our CTP train heading down the right track. She’s our steam engine managing most media campaigns day-to-day, trafficking assets, tracking performance, and communicating with vendors. She’s a powerhouse who’s always focused on the details, so everyone else can experience the big picture.

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Chip Tuttle

The capital T in between our C and P may say Tuttle, but to us, it stands for tenacity. In between international soccer games and horse races, Chip leads the charge for some of CTP’s biggest clients. He is our relationship-building black belt. Always thoughtful, always creative, and always focused on the details while never losing track of the bigger picture.

Check out Chip's Linkedin and Five Questions video from our series.

Emalie Gainey

As someone who would organize her toys more than she would play with them, Emalie was always the kid with a plan. Thanks to her strategic skills, it was a swift promotion from managing her sisters’ playtime to Press Secretary at the Attorney General’s office, where she spent more than a decade tackling critical issues such as health care, the opioid crisis, civil rights, and human trafficking. Emalie's vast experience in media relations and driving policy changes now helps her bring awareness to all the good work our clients do. And yes, she does allow herself some play now and again, from spending time on her native Cape Cod, to traveling anywhere she can, be it Maine or Morocco. All perfectly planned, of course.

Check out Emalie's Five Questions video from our series.

Florence Forges

Florence makes the flow of communication between CTP and our clients look seamless. She has her sights set on nurturing meaningful connections and engaging in purposeful work so that every project is executed to perfection. With a passionate drive and an enthusiasm to pursue fresh learning experiences, you can always count on Florence to put her best foot forward.

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Frank Giovaniello

If there’s one thing that Frank understands, it’s that money matters. With unmatched precision, he navigates CTP’s financial maze effortlessly with organizational skills only he can muster. But Frank is not just about the figures. He’s also the go-to for a good laugh and unwavering support for his CTP family.

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Fred Conover

He’s not only the first letter in our name but our #1 guy. Fred brings the CTP soul to our agency through his endless passion and unwavering commitment. From its humble roots, he has successfully helped grow CTP into what it is today and is always thinking about where it can go tomorrow. How does he do it? By always putting people first. No exceptions.

Check out Fred's Linkedin and Five Questions video from our series.

Geyllen Qinsky

Geyllen works miracles when it comes to motion graphics. He infuses life into every doodle, lower third, and super, so that they seamlessly dance across the screen. Basically, he amps up the fun level of our work by 1000%.

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Grant Pace

Grant is a writer by trade. But what he really loves are ideas. Creative, stunningly original, and emotion-driven concepts that make consumers’ heart’s sing, ache or beat 1000 X faster. Is he passionate about it? Nah. It’s really more of an obsession. But it makes him happy. And our clients even happier.

Check out Grant's Linkedin and Five Questions video from our series.

Jessica James

Jessica is our reliable caretaker here at CTP. Not only does she oversee everything from recruitment and onboarding to compliance and employee relations, but she makes sure that it all runs as smoothly as possible. Her dedication to cultivating an organized, inviting environment is what allows our vibrant work culture to thrive. We really couldn’t do it without her.

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Julia Henriques

As a full-time writer and freelance dancer, Julia believes every performance should be tailored to its audience, and for her, the advertising arena is simply another stage. Adapting her writing style to serve specific projects, Julia can always craft a catchy headline to wow the client. But please, hold the applause, she’s just getting started.

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Katie Ward

Katie is our public affairs mastermind. From helping her clients advance their mission and policy priorities to leading integrated communications programs, she strives to elevate her clients to new heights and ensure the success of organizations that truly matter.

Check out Katie's Linkedin and Five Questions video from our series.

Kevin MacKenzie

He may have traded in his guitar for a thesaurus, but he still rocks. As ACD, Kevin doesn’t just write. He’s driven to make people feel something. To connect minds to the heart of a brand through ideas that challenge the expected. He’s the ultimate team player and dedicated to his craft, constantly discovering new and innovative ways to amplify a brand's message.

Check out Kevin's Linkedin and Hot Seat video from our series.

Kim Downs

Dog mom and digital marketing mastermind, Kim is on a mission to share authentic content with the world by helping clients tell their brand story through an innovative use of social media. We can confidently say digital marketing is her specialty…and that she’ll always choose ranch as her dipping sauce of choice (she loves ranch dressing).

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Kim Khalifeh

When it comes to crafting cutting-edge media strategies that guide clients toward their marketing goals, Kim looks far beyond the numbers, nurturing connections with every partner and client. With a talent for creative problem-solving, Kim’s always on the hunt for new media opportunities and solutions.

Check out Kim's Linkedin and Five Questions video from our series.

Lee Allen

It pays to know Lee, literally. She brings a bright light to bookkeeping. Since day one, Lee has been CTP's financial guru bringing a helpful attitude, a helping hand, and a wise approach to all things finance. She brings a richness to the CTP culture only she can offer. When it comes to keeping CTP humming the buck stops with her.

Lexi Panepinto

Lexi packs a one-two punch as our official PR pro and unofficial CTP boxer. She spearheads public relations initiatives across our consumer, sports and sports wagering clients. Combining her creative prowess and strategic thinking, Lexi develops effective communication approaches that connect clients with their key audiences and stakeholders in the right ways, on the right platforms and at the right times. In the ring or in our office, Lexi fearlessly tackles every challenge, consistently delivering results that leave a lasting impact.

Check out Lexi's Linkedin and Five Questions video from our series.

Maggie Wollard

As an avid Harry Styles fan, Maggie puts the #directioner in art direction, turning client ideas into tangible, feel-good experiences through design. With an authentic, problem-solving mindset, she tackles every ask with a fresh perspective, diving into concepting before she even touches Adobe Illustrator. That said, Maggie proves again and again that she was born to be a creative.

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Mark Bappe

Mark proudly wears the big C on his shoulder. He is the captain of our Creative Dept or as he calls it, a group of mind-blowingly talented individuals who see the world through Pantone-colored glasses. He’s a craftsman to his core, fueling every project with vision, expertise and a yearning to inspire and imagine the possibilities.

Check out Mark's Linkedin and Five Questions video from our series.

Mark Fredrickson

Mark is our resident Beatles historian and enterprise technology expert. He understands that the field of technology is ever-growing and ever-changing, and he never fails to help his clients’ business goals and brand aspirations come together. Always cutting through the noise, and always driving revolutionary ways to help his clients win.

Check out Mark's Linkedin and Five Questions video from our series.

Molly Trowbridge

Molly cares about her community and knows the importance of advocating for positive change. From media strategy to stakeholder outreach, Molly works hard for clients to drive public opinion and create lasting policy change.

Check out Molly's Linkedin and Hot Seat video from our series.

Nolan Spencer

Office manager, party planner, social media specialist, human resources rep. There’s really nothing Nolan can’t do. He makes our office the fabulous place it is and can turn even the most mundane into hilarity. He wears many hats here but his sweater game is a whole other story. You have to see for yourself.

Check out Nolan's Linkedin and Hot Seat video from our series.

Rachel Redmore

If there’s one thing you need to know about Rachel, it’s that she likes a challenge. She puts her heart and soul into strategizing, executing, and managing the planning and buying of media for multiple client campaigns. Budgeting and collaborating with both internal and external teams, Rachel is dedicated to bringing every project to life.

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Ramlah Shehata

As our senior producer, Ramlah bridges the gap between the video production team and our stakeholders, ensuring seamless collaboration to deliver high-quality content. She is a storyteller at heart and always pushes to create the best work possible for our clients. Originally from the Netherlands, Ramlah brings a unique international perspective to her role, and we can confidently say that no creative problem ever goes unsolved with her around.

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Spencer Christopher

It takes exceptional planning and a knack for creativity to be a media coordinator, and Spencer encompasses both with unmatched passion. From assisting with planning and buying processes to tracking and reporting on campaign performance, he keeps it all in order. Spencer’s on the road to success, fueled by a drive to do great work everyday, and, of course, Wednesday morning bagels.

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Steve DeTora

Steve’s got the lowdown on every project. He sees it all. As a detail-focused PM — ready to solve any problem that comes his way. (Which is most of them.) He’s a team player first, doing what’s needed to move the ball down the field. A star communicator and collaborator, Steve always brings his A-game, so every project is a home run.

Check out Steve's Linkedin and Five Questions video from our series.

Sweety Kothari

Sweety brings an extra touch of sweetness to CTP's financial management. She effortlessly oversees invoices, payments, expenses, and transactions and handles them with great care. To Sweety, it's about more than just finances. It’s about creating a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, which is exactly what she does here at CTP.

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Todd Graff

Todd is a driving force behind helping innovative companies - from startups to established brands - differentiate themselves and succeed in competitive environments. Grounded in persuasive storytelling, Todd’s a former journalist who develops targeted, integrated communications programs that propel products, services and leaders, while protecting brands and reputations.

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