To create inspired work, we must first be inspired.

A culture that's 50 people strong, where backs are gotten and creativity and performance are at the heart of all we do. Plus, we know how to get after it after hours.

To create inspired work, we need to inspire ourselves first.

We’re big enough to field a softball team but small enough to feel like family. We have parties and potlucks. Book club and paint night. Cold beer on tap. Cold brew too. Impromptu gatherings after work. A meditation room dedicated to deep breaths.

We’re an agency, first and foremost. But what defines us are the things that give CTP its spirit.

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We make the time to make a difference.

From partnering with the Red Sox Scholars and Read to a Child to donating our holiday party fund to Friends of the Children, finding ways to give back has countless benefits for ourselves and those we connect with. It’s why we consider it a core value here, and why we give our employees paid volunteer time off so they can better help the causes closest to them.

CTP Launchpad Program

LaunchPad is a program designed to fuel a new generation of young talent and open doors for high school Students of Color from the City of Boston. If you have an interest in communications, art, design, writing, photography, videography, statistics, event planning, social media or more, but don’t know how or where to apply your skills, you’re in the right place.

With LaunchPad you’ll gain a solid foundation of marketing understanding and skills, while building valuable, long-term professional mentoring relationships in a real agency setting.

We’re striving to give students a head start in their career, while welcoming much-needed diversity into our industry.

Meet our People.

Adam Rosenberg

A hiker. A podcaster. A cyclist. A sports betting analyst and communications expert. There is nothing that Adam Rosenberg can’t do. As head of Partnerships & Growth at CTP, Adam is constantly striving to discover strategies and solve companies’ biggest problems. He may live and work in New England, but he has a California mindset after spending a decade on the west coast and is basically a Hollywood star considering he regularly appears on VSin, TheFan Boston, and FTN to share his sports betting expertise. Not to mention, he was also on an episode of MTV’s Real World. While he may spend his days identifying new client opportunities and developing performance-based solutions, Adam DJs late into the night, often playing house sets on Twitch. Long story short, Adam is always in the groove.

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Alexa Bys

Alexa Bys’s 13 year career as a gymnast may have opened doors to a stint with the circus (she politely declined), but these days she’s much more interested in hitting the yoga studio and cheffing it up in the kitchen. She also walks dogs as a side hustle, but has traded in the leash for the spreadsheet, as our Media & Analytics Specialist, cleaning up client data, building dashboards, & gliding through quarterly reports with poise. Since her father taught her to play Texas Hold ‘Em in elementary school, Alexa’s always had a handle on numbers, but more importantly, it’s made her an expert at keeping her cool. No campaign is a match for her statistical acrobatics. Barnum & Bailey, eat your heart out!

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Alexis DeVilling

Alexis DeVilling has been in the social media game since Facebook first started rolling out ads, so she knows a thing or two about staying ahead of trends. And like most of the trends she forecasts, our self-referred “Boomerang” has come full circle, swinging from CTP, to startups, to Fortune 500 companies, all the way back to CTP. And with a new title to boot. As Senior Director of Integrated Marketing, Alexis brings brand stories to life in a unified way across owned, paid, and earned communications channels. Things might’ve changed a bit since the last time she was here, (we’ve moved to the 6th floor!), but as soon as Alexis’s signature laugh first filled these new hallways, it was like she never left. We’re so thrilled to have our Boomerang back in Boston, and we’re not letting her go again anytime soon.

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Allison Spitaels

Allison is known for lighting up the halls of CTP with her whistling ability. Whether she’s using her green thumb in the garden, or her multi-colored thumb in the Adobe world, Allison whistles her way to outshine and outgrow her competition. As a Senior Designer, she utilizes her focus, patience, and most of all, her slick design skills, to turn rough ideas into outstanding, polished work for her clients.

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Andrea Lenig

Andrea loves Mondays. Yes, you read that correctly. Our VP, Media Director really knows how to bring it each week. Growing up on a family dairy farm in Vermont taught her early on the importance of embracing challenges and conquering the day. And she’s carried that outlook with her throughout her career. At various agencies in Massachusetts, Andrea’s used her gusto to elevate brands such as ExxonMobil, Energy Star, New Balance, TSA Precheck, BIC, and Wellesley College. And now that she’s brought her talents to CTP, we’re honored to have such an optimistic personality leading our media team. Especially on Mondays.

Check out Andrea's Linkedin and Five Questions video from our series.

Anna Orlandi

Anna Orlandi is proud to be in the top 0.01% of all Taylor Swift listeners, but she aims for the highest in all aspects of her life — especially when it comes to her position as Account Coordinator of Public Affairs. And much like her favorite artist, Anna is committed to her craft. Between managing social media accounts, producing creative content, and engaging in press outreach, it’s a shocker that Taylor herself hasn’t tapped Ms. Orlandi for some assistance. But beyond the talent and dedication, it’s Anna’s kindness that makes her able to connect so easily with everyone she meets. Let’s just say, to borrow a quote from a certain singer-songwriter, that there’s never any bad blood when it comes to Anna Orlandi.

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Brett Labnon

Being an Associate Director of Analytics isn’t widely considered an extreme sport, but Brett’s working on that. When he isn’t chasing adrenaline on skis and dirt bikes – trying new tricks on the slopes or racing Motocross – he’s here at CTP, infusing his work with the same dynamic approach. As someone who lives with his finger on the pulse, it’s only fitting that Brett’s thoughtful dedication to research and analytics never misses a beat.

Check out Brett's Linkedin and Five Questions video from our series.

Brian Heffron

Brian’s first job – paperboy – included lugging the Boston Sunday Globe around the neighborhood. It was there and then that he decided he’d rather write the news than deliver it. Boy, has he ever. From his reporter days to his time spent as a college publicist to high-pressure jobs as spokesperson for the District Attorney and then the Attorney General of Massachusetts, Brian knows how to get out in front of a story. And our clients rely on Brian to help manage a crisis or keep their brands out in front. He’s done that with tested PR skills and social media acumen. Brian has more than 25 years experience helping brands like MedExpress, Pop Warner and Stratasys tell powerful, relevant stories to their audiences.

Check out Brian's Linkedin and Five Questions video from our series.

Brynn Sandy

Brynn comes to us from Wisconsin, and she’s certainly brought the Midwest with her. From every “Ope, sorry” to every side of ranch dressing, her midwestern traits charm more than those she accidentally bumps into in the office. As our PR Account Supervisor, Brynn uses her personable attitude and good ol’ fashioned communication skills to strengthen relationships with our clients. She’s always down to share an idea or opinion on anything from media pitches and new story angles to Star Wars canon and Game of Thrones theories. And if there’s anything she’s more passionate about than PR and pop culture, it’s Packers football. Ope, sorry to all the Patriots fans out there.

Check out Brynn's Linkedin and Five Questions video from our series.

Bubba Serrano

Bubba is chasing a storyteller’s dream. He packs content with an emotional punch through his exceptional concepting, shooting, and editing skills, and he never rests until his stories make an impact. We’re lucky to have his versatile mind among our ranks.

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Caroline Chipman

Whether she’s hitting the slopes or hitting the ground running on a creative brief, Caroline Chipman always keeps her cool. An avid snowboarder and Art Director here at CTP, Caroline is an expert of the unexpected. With caffeine, Adobe Suite, and a motivational playlist in tow, Caroline shreds her way through a variety of advertising obstacles, winning over clients and coworkers alike with her unique visual spin on everything from organic soap to fast food. Hell, she’s already conquered an 11,000 foot mountain with just a board and her bravery, so we’re certain Caroline will keep shreddin’ the gnar here at CTP.

Check out Caroline's Linkedin and Hot Seat video from our series.

Catie LoGuidice

From event planning to media planning, Catie LoGuidice is always the alpha. She’s had a knack for scheduling since childhood, spending her early days booking backyard concerts with herself as the star. Today, Catie saves most of her crooning for the car, but her passion for planning has only grown, leading her to her college sorority’s executive board, where she hosted a slew of bonding events for her sisters, including ice skating excursions, bingo nights, and enrollment workshops. And while her days as Phi Sigma Sigma Recruitment Chair may have taught her the importance of fulfilling a quota, beyond Greek Life, Catie’s ambition & cheerful demeanor make her an asset to any team. Now a Media Buyer at CTP, Catie’s traded bids for budgets, tracking and correcting campaigns for clients across the agency. From sisterhood soirees to search engine optimization, as long as Catie’s involved, consider us pledged!

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Chip Tuttle

Chip lives to compete. Whether it’s training for a marathon or helping a client gain market share, Chip always keeps pushing. This tenacity comes in handy as he leads the charge for the brands he advises for CTP. Balancing this competitive fire is Chip’s naturally inquisitive nature. More than 25 years in news reporting, pr and marketing have taught him how to ask the right questions and provide the right answers.

Check out Chip's Linkedin and Five Questions video from our series.

Corey Welford

Corey is always moving. Whether he’s working, skiing, hiking, reading or constantly refreshing his Twitter feed, he does not sit still. Which probably explains how he has accomplished so much already. Before joining CTP, Corey spent years as Chief of Staff in the Attorney General’s Office doing the type of work that immediately impacted our community. Between responding to the foreclosure crisis, helping to pass laws, and working with families and victims of crimes, he truly made a name for himself. Now, he’s bringing that energy and skill to our clients. From helping to build their brand, handle communications challenges, or shape public policy, clients know he'll always keep them moving in the right direction.

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Emalie Gainey

As someone who would organize her toys more than she would play with them, Emalie was always the kid with a plan. Thanks to her strategic skills, it was a swift promotion from managing her sisters’ playtime to Press Secretary at the Attorney General’s office, where she spent more than a decade tackling critical issues such as health care, the opioid crisis, civil rights, and human trafficking. Emalie's vast experience in media relations and driving policy changes now helps her bring awareness to all the good work our clients do. And yes, she does allow herself some play now and again, from spending time on her native Cape Cod, to traveling anywhere she can, be it Maine or Morocco. All perfectly planned, of course.

Check out Emalie's Five Questions video from our series.

Florence Forges

Florence makes the flow of communication between CTP and our clients look seamless. She has her sights set on nurturing meaningful connections and engaging in purposeful work so that every project is executed to perfection. With a passionate drive and an enthusiasm to pursue fresh learning experiences, you can always count on Florence to put her best foot forward.

Frank Giovaniello

Frank is a father of two boys (three if you include his dog) and he spent a year in the competitive Second City sketch comedy writing program in Chicago – which means he’s got a lot of experience in hard work and a great sense of humor. So it’s no surprise that he thrives here at CTP doing the difficult work of organizing and crunching the numbers. As our finance director, you’ll pretty much always be able to find Frank at his desk with two freshly sharpened #2 pencils at the ready. And if you’re lucky, he’ll even tell you a joke or two.

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Fred Conover

If you want to know what Fred is all about, just look at his agency. Like Fred, CTP prides itself on its passion, selflessness and commitment. The passion shines through in the work. The selflessness in the countless charitable acts performed. And the commitment in Fred’s – and the agency’s – desire to put a client’s needs ahead of our own. Since 1996, Fred has helped grow CTP from a small shop in Lynnfield to a major player in the Boston ad community. He’s also proud that the agency gives its time to non-profits like Friends of the Children, Read to a Child and Woofgang.

Check out Fred's Linkedin and Five Questions video from our series.

Geyllen Qinsky

Geyllen works miracles when it comes to motion graphics. He infuses life into every doodle, lower third, and super, so that they seamlessly dance across the screen. Basically, he amps up the fun level of our work by 1000%.

Grant Pace

On the wall of Grant’s office is a sign bearing a single word: Simplicity. And it’s Grant’s habit of keeping things simple that has made him a creative giant in the ad world for nearly 30 years. His work for the original BudBowl was the driving force behind one of the most successful ad promotions in history. And his groundbreaking (and air-breaking) SmartBeep ads are routinely seen on America's Funniest Commercials. Grant has worked with Michael Jordan for Hanes, re-launched Audi in the U.S. and spent more time with the Red Sox than Peter Gammons. But it’s his brain power (rather than his star power) that makes Grant such a valuable resource to all our clients. He regularly helps them tell their brand stories in ways that cannot be ignored. Or forgotten. Oh, and Grant is also, quite simply, one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.

Check out Grant's Linkedin and Five Questions video from our series.

Julia Henriques

So you think you can write? Junior Copywriter Julia Henriques may have grown up dancing competitively, leading her to a touring stint with the cast of So You Think You Can Dance, but here at CTP, she opts instead to make words glide off the page. A musical theater kid at heart, Julia believes any effective performance should be tailored for its audience, and for her, the advertising arena is simply another stage. Adapting her writing style to serve specific projects, Julia can always craft a catchy headline to wow the crowd. And the client! For anyone looking to spice up their copy or add pizzazz to their presentation, we know who can get the job done. But please, hold the applause. Julia’s just getting started.

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Katie Ward

Winter is coming – and Katie Ward could not be more excited. Whether hiking up a mountain or skiing down one, our New Hampshire native embraces any challenge with a smile. Which might explain how she found herself thriving in the middle of Mayor Menino’s press office before finding her way to us at CTP. Here, she spends her days tackling the messaging and communications strategies that help our clients tell their stories, be it through social media, digital content, media relations or anything else the task calls for. And she does it the way she does everything else in her life – fearlessly.

Check out Katie's Linkedin and Five Questions video from our series.

Kevin MacKenzie

Multi-instrumentalist. Children’s book author. Children’s book illustrator. Whatever artistic medium you can think of, Kevin MacKenzie’s probably tackled it. As someone who’s performed in Brazil and dismantled a baby grand piano, our fearless Associate Creative Director is ready for anything CTP throws his way. In the face of uncertainty, Kevin cites perseverance as the key factor in his success. It’s what helped him make the bold leap from music school to advertising school, and finally to us. Kevin’s still cranking out tunes in his free time, but even on the clock, he’s making content that sings. Now that Kevin’s joined the CTP family, he says, “let’s go kick some… I mean let’s go make some awesome stuff.” Well said.

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Kim Downs

Dog mom and digital marketing mastermind, Kim is on a mission to share authentic content with the world by helping clients tell their brand story through an innovative use of social media. We can confidently say digital marketing is her specialty…and that she’ll always choose ranch as her dipping sauce of choice (she loves ranch dressing).

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Kim Khalifeh

Kim is one of our in-house experts on everything from Friends to Criminal Minds. A true junkie of all genres, she always saw herself working on movies in another life. And being the passionate communicator that she is, Hollywood would be in good hands. Her creative desire to help people tell their stories is matched only by her hyper-organized brain and flowchart skills. It makes her a natural leader on CTP’s media team, and a client’s most trusted side-kick. If you need a thoughtful and strategic approach to a media campaign - or suggestions on what to binge watch next - Kim’s got you covered.

Check out Kim's Linkedin and Five Questions video from our series.

Kyle Cardoza

In Kyle Cardoza’s head, it’s always a movie. Which might explain why he broke his leg at age 5 from jumping off the bed, a lá Superman. In the years since, our Senior Video Editor has put stunt work to the side, but that cinematic imagination is as potent as ever. On the clock, Kyle always taps into his creative roots, brainstorming & collaborating with every department to develop quality video products for a whole host of clients. And when it comes to his IMDb, Kyle leaves no stones unturned, shooting for sports, the arts, & even narrative projects. But regardless of the subject, what keeps Kyle’s work consistent is his heart. And that’s something they don’t teach in film school.

Check out Adam's Linkedin.

Lee Allen

Lee is our bookkeeper. And having been at CTP since the beginning, she knows a thing or two about how to keep our wheels of commerce turning. Funny thing is, her spare time is spent working with non-profits. How’s that for integration?

Lexi Panepinto

With as many stories to tell as Lexi has, and her inspired way with words, it’s no wonder she’s in PR. She beat her Grammy – the G.O.A.T of Scrabble – at the age of five, won the D.A.R.E essay contest in the fifth grade, and penned an article that went wickedly viral at 21. Not to mention she won best motivational speaker among the soccer team at Colgate two years in a row. As an Account Director at CTP, her knack for stringing together words and strategically telling stories that connect, resonate, and inspire always delights our clients. And if you’re worried she’ll run out of them, don’t. She’s got stories to tell about sharing an elevator at The Garden with Justin Bieber and handing Stanley Cup tickets to Gronk in a secret parking lot. And we’re totally not jealous at all.

Check out Lexi's Linkedin and Five Questions video from our series.

Maggie Wollard

As an avid Harry Styles fan, Maggie puts the #directioner in art direction, turning client ideas into tangible, feel-good experiences through design. With an authentic, problem-solving mindset, she tackles every ask with a fresh perspective, diving into concepting before she even touches Adobe Illustrator. That said, Maggie proves again and again that she was born to be a creative.

Check out Maggie's Linkedin.

Mark Bappe

Twenty years ago, Mark left Iowa and traded in his farmer pants for a career in advertising. After working in a bunch of different markets, from Raleigh to San Francisco, he finally settled in Beantown, where he got down and dirty in several agencies up and down the feed lot. He finally hung his hat at CTP and now manages our ever-growing creative department. And he’s always happy to trade in his hayseeds for a few Hatch bowls. Mark has worked with large brands such as Boston Red Sox, Miami Dolphins, New Balance, Microsoft, Mass Tourism, Breeders’ Cup, Red Hat, Shaw’s Supermarket, Stonyfield Farms, and Lahey Clinic. Mark also has a soft spot for man’s best friend, putting his skills to work for the MSPCA and Mass Animal Coalition.

Check out Mark's Linkedin and Five Questions video from our series.

Mark Fredrickson

It’s hard to stay at the forefront of technology. But that’s exactly what Mark has done for the last 30 years. As VP of Communications at EMC, Mark helped turn the data storage and cloud computing leader into a franchise IT brand. Today, after switching from the client side to the agency side, Mark leads CTP’s growing tech practice. He’s bringing his considerable knowledge to bear for clients such as Red Hat, Actifio and Extreme Networks, positioning them as leaders in a dynamic, interconnected world. While technology (and marketing, for that matter) constantly change, one thing stays the same: Mark’s ability to tell a brand’s story in new ways to new audiences. It’s this expertise that has made Mark a technology leader from Boston to San Francisco.

Check out Mark's Linkedin and Five Questions video from our series.

Molly Trowbridge

If you’re looking for recommendations for scenic places to run or grab the best Guinness in Boston, look no further. Molly brings an energy of focus and fun to all that she does in life–especially when it comes to her work on the public affairs team. As a Senior Account Executive, Molly pulls from her experience at the State House working on economic development, childcare, student loan protections, transportation, housing, and environmental justice to give the public insight into the great work that our clients do. In another life, Molly dreams of being a writer for SNL or a bartender in a quiet seaside town. Whether it’s drafting press releases, pitching reporters, or training for her next half marathon, Molly approaches any challenge with a sense of humor and camaraderie.

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Nolan Spencer

CTP didn’t know true laughter until Nolan Spencer came on board. Alright, that’s a little dramatic…which is exactly how he would want it! As someone who enjoys his sweaters kaleidoscopic and his tea piping hot, Nolan INSISTS that we never have a dull moment at the agency. In his role as Coordinator of Content & Culture, he does everything from office management and party planning, to helping the creative department crank out bright ideas only he could come up with, to maybe spreading the occasional rumor just to keep us on our toes. But perhaps most importantly, Nolan takes it upon himself to inspire the agency every day to follow their hearts. He claims to have had no luck finding a job until he put his resume in pink Comic Sans, making him a living testament to the sentiment. So don’t let his hand-rubbing over hot goss fool you. It’s a facade. He’s actually one of the kindest souls you could meet, bringing a certain warmth to the agency that, perhaps, we actually didn't know before him. And it’s not just from the colorful sweaters.

Check out Nolan's Linkedin.

Rachel Redmore

If there’s one thing you need to know about Rachel, it’s that she likes a challenge. She puts her heart and soul into strategizing, executing, and managing the planning and buying of media for multiple client campaigns. Budgeting and collaborating with both internal and external teams, Rachel is dedicated to bringing every project to life.

Spencer Christopher

It takes exceptional planning and a knack for creativity to be a media coordinator, and Spencer encompasses both with unmatched passion. From assisting with planning and buying processes to tracking and reporting on campaign performance, he keeps it all in order. Spencer’s on the road to success, fueled by a drive to do great work everyday, and, of course, Wednesday morning bagels.

Steve DeTora

Steve’s childhood dream was to play shortstop for the Red Sox. Now he’s managing projects for them, and using many of the same skills. Laser-focused and quick on his feet, Steve’s guidance on projects from conception to delivery keeps all the right people on track and on time, no matter the curveball of the day. Even outside of the office, Steve loves to keep himself sharp, from staying active outdoors, to experimenting in the kitchen every day, to reciting the alphabet backwards, fast. Needless to say, as a Senior Project Manager at CTP and an all-around inspiring guy everywhere else, Steve's about as clutch as they come.

Check out Steve's Linkedin and Five Questions video from our series.

Sweety Kothari

Sweety Kothari, self-identified “fastest cook in town,” dreams of being on MasterChef, as her passion for slicing & dicing would surely make her a fierce competitor. In the meantime, though, she applies the same speed and precision to her work at CTP. As Finance Assistant, Sweety utilizes a variety of software to manage invoices, keep track of documents, and most importantly, put out any financial grease fires. Sweety cites her accuracy with numbers as one of her most valuable assets. As she puts it so succinctly, “otherwise, why would I be in finance?“ It’s this self-awareness that allows her to communicate effectively with colleagues and clients, making sure everyone’s on the same page. After all, that’s the MasterChef CTP way.

Check out Sweety's Linkedin.

Todd Graff

Todd spent his early professional years as a sportswriter for the Greensboro News & Record. There he quickly developed an affinity for covering golf events after his first links assignment: Tiger Woods’ historic victory at the ’97 Masters. Turns out, Tiger wasn’t the only winner as Todd went on to win national writing awards himself. Now, he's crafting public relations programs for our various clients, and getting them atop the leader board. Todd has over 17 years of experience, specializing in media relations, strategic counsel, crisis management and product launch. He works closely with the travel, golf and tech industries, for clients such as Pinehurst Resort, Stratasys, Innerscope Research, and the Lynch Foundation.

Check out Todd's Linkedin and Five Questions video from our series.

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