CTP LaunchPad Program

LaunchPad is a program designed to fuel a new generation of young talent and open doors for high school Students of Color from the City of Boston. If you have an interest in communications, art, design, writing, photography, videography, statistics, event planning, social media or more, but don’t know how or where to apply your skills, you’re in the right place.

With LaunchPad you’ll gain a solid foundation of marketing understanding and skills, while building valuable, long-term professional mentoring relationships in a real agency setting.

We’re striving to give students a head start in their career, while welcoming much-needed diversity into our industry.


This 6-week program will run from July to August. Students will work 12 hours each week and will be paid $15.00 per hour. Each student will be awarded a $1,000 college scholarship upon completion of the program.


What will your day-to-day
look like during LaunchPad?

Each week you’ll start by meeting with your mentor for a general check-in to discuss any questions and comments from the previous week, go over assignments for the coming week and plan for any upcoming meetings, lunches, etc.

For the duration of the program, you’ll be presented with a range of assignments and learning opportunities across the agency. Examples include: Sitting in on creative brainstorming sessions; conducting media and industry research; joining discussions on social media strategy, implementation and measurement; learning how to use agency software tools (i.e., Canva, Photoshop, Cision, etc.); learning how to draft blogs and press releases; setting up a LinkedIn profile; going through mock interviews with our HR leader, etc.

Session Project: At the outset, you’ll be assigned to a group project, where you’ll apply the learnings and skills you pick up in the program. Students will devote 2 hours each week working on the project – supported by the mentors – and will present to an agency team at the end of the term.


A quick breakdown of what you’ll gain from LaunchPad.

  • Knowledge of the marketing industry
  • Experience in advertising, public relations, social media
  • Guidance on improving creative, communication and project-management skills
  • Supportive network of professional mentors
  • Part-time summer job
  • College Scholarship


Ready to start? Remember, you don’t need to be an Honors student. We’re looking for young people with an interest in marketing, but who are unsure how to break into it.