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CTP develops national ad campaign to promote Thoroughbred Racing during pandemic

While most professional sports seasons have been sidelined or restricted to mitigate risks associated with human-to-human contact in the midst of the pandemic, horse racing has been able to operate safely in many jurisdictions under strict screening, sanitation and health protocols under guidance from public health officials and other experts.

To promote Thoroughbred racing...

The New Lens of Video: 5 Insights about its Evolution

Shooting on the greatest cinematic camera or on a pocket device isn’t that important to the consumer.  Telling a good story is.

Brands must lead by actions, not words, post COVID: 5 Questions with Chief Marketer Whitney Clarke

Our series of conversations with communications leaders continues this week with a look at the impact of COVID-19 on frontline businesses that have remained open. Whitney Clarke is a Boston-based Chief Marketer, who has previously led efforts at CVS Health and Stop & Shop, among others. She gives us a little insight into the possible...

Family-owned business adapts during Covid: 5 Questions with Gingerbread Construction Co’s Ali Palmer

Our series of conversations with communications leaders continues this week with a look at the impact of COVID-19 on small business. Ali Palmer is VP Business Development & Marketing at Gingerbread Construction Company, a family-owned and operated business just North of Boston and she gives us a little insight into the last several weeks –…

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Blog best practices: Make sure they can find it

Think about your blog posts as quality organic content inspired by the interests of your target audience to inform and encourage no-pressure engagement. Here’s our cheat sheet to developing quality, SEO-guided content.

Decorative Letters SEO

COVID-19 on Campus: 5 Questions with Simmons University’s Jeremy Solomon

In the first in a series of new conversations with communications and marketing leaders we take a look at the impact of COVID-19 on higher education. We talked with Simmons University‘s Associate Vice President of Communications and Public Affairs Jeremy Solomon, who brings us behind the scenes as the school navigated the earliest days of the coronavirus…

Simmons College Building

Engagement isn’t an outcome

True connection, as we humans know it, is actual dialogue. It’s shared experience. It’s real time. At the end of the day, if this quarantine has taught us anything, it’s that engagement isn’t an outcome or a metric, it’s a human drive.

Our game plan for alleviating COVID-19’s mental toll

On World Health Day 2020, as we think about the healthcare workers who are the true heroes right now, here are some things we are doing to try to support our people.

When will life return to normal? A kite tells a story

When will we able to get back to the office? The answer may lie in the story of a kite, a dad and our leaders.

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