Celebrating Our Female Role Models On International Women’s Day 

Celebrating Our Female Role Models On International Women’s Day 


Today isn’t just any day — it’s a global celebration of the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. To honor these amazing individuals, we asked our team a powerful question: “Who is your biggest female role model, and how do they inspire you?”

From the unwavering strength of moms to the groundbreaking legacy of RBG and the fearless individuality of Miley Cyrus, the answers were as diverse and inspiring as the women themselves.


Dive in and discover the stories that ignite our team, and remember — every woman has the potential to be an inspiration. 


My mother 

Always treats others the way she’d like to be treated. — Fred Conover


Cole Brauer

She is a complete badass. She’s competing in the Global Solo Challenge, a single-handed, non-stop sailing race round the world. No outside assistance, non-stop. It’s a 4-month journey and she is the youngest AND the only female competitor. There are 16 racers, and eight have had to drop out along the way. And she’s slated to finish second. She’s the epitome of grit, determination and resilience.  — Steve Angel 


Chloë Sevigny 

She’s built an entire career on being cool, stylish, and personable. What better way to achieve success than by being yourself? I had the pleasure of seeing Chloë host a Q&A before a screening of one of her films. After the movie, she came into the audience, fanboys flocking, armed with Sharpies and Chloë memorabilia. Ms. Sevigny ignored the gaggle of geeks and immediately approached my friend and I, reaching out her hand to introduce herself to us. We were too stunned to speak… Why would this acclaimed actress & fashion icon greet two aesthetically challenged weirdos? (I went to Catholic school for 12 years straight… Never had to pick my own clothes). Clearly, Chloë saw past my Kohl’s khakis and beat-up boat shoes. She stared into my SOUL. And now, whenever I put on a nice outfit, I channel her quirk & creativity. I think she’d be proud. — Nolan Spencer 


My mom 

She showed me strength and love that I did not understand and appreciate until I was older. And that has inspired me to be the person I am today. — Steve DeTora 


Greta Gerwig 

She is a female powerhouse in a field dominated by men. Her movies are packed with meaning, and she infuses feminism into them in a way that also acknowledges how men are affected by stereotypical male standards as well as just women. She directs with so much joy and really dives deep into the human experience. — Julia Henriques


My mom 

She raised six children on her own with only a high school education. — Frank Giovaniello


Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift reminds women that we can love pink and sparkles and be bejeweled and still be a boss. That we deserve to own our own work. That it’s okay to get mad and stand your ground. And that women can be billionaires without compromising our values and who we are. — Katie Ward 


My mother

Almost everything I know about how to lead a good life I’ve learned by following my mother’s example. She’s the best. — Bubba Serrano



She’s very true to her roots and I value that! — Nichole Bloise 


My mother 

She has helped make me the person I am today. Giving me the tools to be a dedicated father to two girls and understand what I mean to a compassionate and understanding person. She inspires me with her love for everyone in my family and her need to help whenever she can. — Kevin Mackenzie 


My wife 

She is working full-time as a special ed teacher, is mom to three sons, and working toward her Masters, while managing our home and being an amazing partner who balances all things with humility, gratitude and grace. She is moved to help others as an educator and a human. — Brian Heffron 


My mom

My mom inspires me because of how much she loves her career and makes such a difference. Before I was born, she was working as an internal auditor and after having me she realized she needed a more family friendly career. She went back to school and obtained a second bachelor’s degree in elementary education and is now a 3rd grade teacher. Her students love her and she is truly making a difference in their lives. — Olivia Soccio


Reshma Kewalramani

Because she has devoted her career to improving the lives of patients, through the development of new medicines. — Sweety Kothari


My mom

Her passion for education, innate sense of fairness and commitment to her community. — Chip Tuttle 


Des Linden

Des is gritty and focused. She’s someone with great business sense, humor, and drive to get things done. Has great taste in whiskey too! — Molly Trowbridge


My mom

She is the absolute best at everything she does and has instilled in me the importance of hard work, compassion, confidence and gratitude. — Emalie Gainey


Ruth Bader Ginsberg 

RBG is a perfect example of a woman who overcame gender discrimination. She not only overcame the adversity, but flourished as a leading advocate for equality and an impactful Supreme Court Justice. — Anna Orlandi


My mother

She was the first feminist in our family, before the word was popularized. She didn’t have an easy life but she taught us enduring values with a ton of courage. — Mark Fredrickson


Miley Cyrus

I grew up watching her grow into herself. She is an amazing singer but also is fully unapologetic. — Rachel Redmore 


My sister in-law

My SIL is my favorite because ever since joining our family, she has made time for every single member and has truly valued each and every one of us. She has always supported me through my sports, helped me understand the life of a young adult, and always served as the ear of the sister I never had. She inspires me with how much love she puts into everything that she does. Whether that be my brother, their dog, her family, her job, friends, you name it. Bridget has ‘been there and done that’, and I really value all the knowledge she’s come to know as a young, professional woman. She inspires me to go beyond my goals, keep pushing, and put love into everything that I do. — Lauren Witek 


No matter who inspires you, take time to celebrate your favorite female role model today.

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