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Pinehurst Resort has been one of golf's celebrated destinations, home to history and championships unlike anywhere else in the country. But the resort faced significant challenges on three fronts in recent years. The economy. Pinehurst No. 2 losing some of its luster. And competition from new, highly-regarded destinations. Our task? Help restore No. 2 as a golf treasure while reaffirming Pinehurst as a signature golf destination.


  • Generate widespread endemic, non-endemic media coverage
  • Restore the aura around Pinehurst No. 2 
  • Improve the resort’s bottom line

Human Spirit Insight

There are those who play golf. And those for whom golf is an endless passion, a pursuit that's an essential part of their lives. For those people there are a few places of reverence. St. Andrews in Scotland is one. Pinehurst is another. These places aren’t just golf courses, or collections of courses. They are coveted destinations with atmospheres that connect one to the game, its history and traditions, and its memorable moments and championships. With its link to the early days of golf in this country, as well as the championship tradition that continues today, Pinehurst delivers on that connection like no other place in the U.S.


Those who seek golf in its purest form seek Pinehurst. It is a destination that excites all of the senses, that’s central to the past, present and future of golf. And nothing captures the soul of Pinehurst like No. 2.

NBC Video coverage

NBC tells the story of Willie McCrae, one of the people who makes Pinehurst a true classic.

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Magazine Coverage

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Communicating Pinehurst’s story - through its personalities, history and the restoration of No. 2, has delivered renewed interest and reaffirmed its place as one of golf’s timeless destinations.

400 feature stories
in major publications
35% increase
in No. 2 rounds in year following restoration’s completion
36% increase
in web traffic in year following restoration’s completion
of No. 2 in all golf course rankings
in call volume in year following restoration’s completion
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