Boston Red Sox

Season Campaign

Since we began working with the Red Sox over a decade ago, we’ve created their annual Opening Day TV spot, print campaigns, social media concepts, and much more. As their agency partner, we work closely together to create brand-defining, award-winning work.
Emmy 2017 RedSox Tick Tock
Hatch 2017 Red Sox Tick Tock


Despite coming off two straight division titles, there was an inexplicable yet palpable “ho-humness” among the team’s fanbase that not even a new manager or a $100 million slugger could fix. We needed to find a way reignite the city’s passion for the team. To rally the faithful around Fenway once again. To give them more reasons to care. Really, just give them More.


“More” became a foundation for our work: the idea that to the city of Boston, baseball is more than just a game. And those who play for the team are more than a collection of names and uniform numbers. They’re our family. It was a deliberately intimate campaign that provided snapshots of the team and players, thereby giving fans a more personal connection with the team.

The Opening Day spot earned over one million impressions within the first two weeks of airing

The Opening Day spot earned over one million impressions within the first two weeks of airing

Player Spotlights

In addition to the Opening Day anthem, we created spots highlighting some individual players and the stories fans may not know. From the initials Jackie Bradley Jr. scrawls in the dirt before every at-bat, to the deal behind Craig Kimbrel’s infamous stance, these spots go beyond the games to show fans a different side of the players they thought they knew.

More Mookie

More Kimbrel

More JBJ

More Cora

More Devers

More Sale

Print Campaign

We extended the concept to print with ads that spoke to the high expectations each player had of themselves for the upcoming season.

Social Executions

New Seasons,
New Campaigns

By every Opening Day, every team has a different feel to it. We try to capture that feel through the TV spots and campaign work. See what we’ve done in previous years.

"Play Ball" - 2017

"Tick Tock" - 2016

"My Fenway" - 2015

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