CTP Launches Save the Children Campaign Around March Madness

As millions of us squirm with every missed shot in the NCAA college basketball tournament, CTP has partnered with our client Save the Children to draw attention to the real Madness going on in Syria. To raise awareness of the plight of thousands of children suffering during the war we produced a video to display...

Save The Children

Here’s How Neuroscience Can Help Improve Mobile Marketing

When Adweek looked at the growth of neuromarketing and its role in the burgeoning mobile space, it turned to CTP client Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience. To “understand the effectiveness of display and video ads on smartphones” agencies and brands are turning to companies like Nielsen.

“We’re realizing that as the world gets more cluttered, and there’s...


George Orwell, Budway Joe and Ling Ling the Impolitic Panda

CTP partner and executve creative director Grant Pace is quoted in Sports Illustrated’s Super Bowl Preview issue. Grant, who helped create and write the Bud Bowl campaign, offers his take on the Anheuser-Busch “Respect” spot that followed 9/11.


CTP’s Todd Graff Explores PR Measurement

“There’s more data than ever for PR practitioners. But just having data isn’t good enough. Understanding that data, and putting it to valuable use are the keys to determining success,” explains Todd Graff, CTP’s SVP of Public Relations, as he recaps insights from measurement guru Katie Delahaye Paine’s talk with the Publicity Club of New...


AG’s Chief of Staff Joining CTP

Building on a public service career in which he served as Chief of Staff to two Massachusetts attorneys general, Corey Welford is returning to CTP to head up our government strategy and public affairs practice. Read the Globe story.


CTP’s Grant Pace Featured in Sports Illustrated for Bud Bowl Role

As advertisers and viewers gear up for the Super Bowl ad wave, Sports Illustrated looked back at the iconic Bud Bowl ads, considered among the most memorable Super Bowl spots of all time. SI goes behind the scenes of how they were made. The piece features our own Grant Pace, who wrote the spots. Check...

Bud Bowl

CTP Client Nielsen Draws Attention at CES

When media companies and big brands want to know what consumers really think, CTP client Nielsen Consumer Science gets the answer for them by using science and technology to measure the body’s reaction. So when engadget Senior Editor Aaron Souppouris wasn’t sure he cared about any of the new products at the Consumer Electronics Show...


Have Disruptors Gotten Under Gillette’s Skin?

As rock legends Spinal Tap pointed out, there is a fine line between clever and stupid. Gillette finds itself standing on that line with a Twitter campaign that mocks rivals Dollar Shave Club (DSC) and Harry’s and seems to be provoking more ill-will than good for the legacy brand.

CTP Launches Site for Microsoft

Even as one of the globe’s most heralded technology brands, Microsoft often competes for top young talent. To assist in its efforts to draw exceptional Boston-area candidates, Microsoft turned to CTP to develop and launch a website that drives home the value of a Foundry Internship with Microsoft New England. Check it out.


Chip Tuttle on Fantasy Sports Crisis

Chip Tuttle weighs in on the the media and government storm surrounding the Daily Fantasy Sports leaders.

Chip Tuttle on fantasy sports crisis