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Is there anything more summer than S’mores? Outdoors, with friends and just the right mix of graham cracker, chocolate, marshmallow (lightly toasted is the perfect texture, if you’re asking). Of course, we had our eyes this week on another cookie. Google’s extended the third-party cookie into late ’23, providing a bit of a reprieve for marketers, but also leaving unknowns and further questions. Our picks this week look at our favorite tracking treat, as well as other industry trends.


Here are our picks of the week. 

Cheat Sheet: Google extends cookie execution deadline until late 2023, will pause FLoC testing in July


Google will let the third-party cookie live on for nearly two years longer than planned.


Ad tech pros react to Google cookie extension 

PR Week 

Now that Google bought adtech a little more time, professionals in the industry shared their reactions with Campaign US.


Privacy and ads in Chrome are about to become flocing complicated 

The Verge 

Google is forging ahead with its third-party cookie replacement technology


There’s only one body standing in the way of Google’s plan to kill third-party cookies


The UK’s power to meddle in Google’s global business model stems from a chorus of complaints from Google’s competitors in the ad industry.


The ‘Cookieless Future’ And What It Means For Marketers


Many of the same questions keep popping up from marketers — does it impair the ability to target individuals, does it increase ad fraud, does it make reporting on campaign outcomes impossible, etc.

Social Commerce 2021: Brand Trends & Marketing Strategies

Business Insider

According to an Insider Intelligence forecast, the average time spent per day with social networks increased from 56.23 minutes in 2019 to 65.44 minutes in 2020.


As ATT hits critical mass, media spending see-saw from iOS to Android continues


Apple’s crackdown on in-app tracking is starting to have a more pronounced effect on media spending. The reason: iOS versions (14.5.1, 14.6, and 14.7) that featured the App Tracking Transparency privacy safeguard are reaching critical mass.


How Instagram is creating a virtuous circle between creators and platforms

The Drum

The stars of social media now exercise considerable power within the platforms, leading to a flurry of initiatives designed to tempt them to pick a single berth.


How McDonald’s Altered Its Strategy for the BTS Meal and Broke Its Social Engagement Records


Two saucy, buttery collections closed out the month-long campaign


Twitter Launches New Insights Series Analyzing the Latest Trends in Media and Entertainment

Social Media Today

Twitter’s looking to provide more insight into the evolving discussion around media trends in the app.


These social audio upstarts are trying to build a better Clubhouse

Fast Company

The mobile app has been a go-to during the pandemic, for captive Americans stuck at home, and its popularity has sparked Twitter and Facebook to launch their own audio platforms.


New York Launches $30 Million Global Tourism Campaign as Travel Restrictions Ease


The ad push comes as many Covid-19 related restrictions are being lifted, increasing numbers of people are becoming fully vaccinated and worldwide travel is starting to resume.

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