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Two years ago, Juneteenth wasn’t even on the radar of many people – and even more companies. Now it’s a recognized federal holiday, the racial reckoning of ’20 pushing its importance to the fore. Even still, there’s so much more many of us need to learn about the symbolic end to slavery in the United States. As such, The Week is taking a broad look at its history and meaning, as well as the implication for marketers.


Here are our picks of the week. 


The Historical Legacy of Juneteenth

Natural Museum of African American History & Culture 

Only through the Thirteenth Amendment did emancipation end slavery throughout the United States.But not everyone in Confederate territory would immediately be free.


Juneteenth: The 155-year-old holiday’s history explained


So what is Juneteenth and why is it important? Here’s what you need to know. 


25 books for kids and adults to celebrate Juneteenth and reflect on history of slavery

USA Today 

Whether you’re a longtime celebrator or seeking to learn more, reading books about the history and legacy of Juneteenth can help commemorate the 156th anniversary of the day enslaved people in Texas were read the Emancipation Proclamation, more than two years after President Abraham Lincoln signed emancipation into law.


This Is How We Juneteenth

New York Times 

This year, amid protests against police brutality and structural racism toward black Americans, some lean into the joy of tradition as resistance. Others say recognition is not enough.


How brands should approach Juneteenth 


As marketers cultivate their strategies around June 19 this year, there’s a risk to appearing tone deaf, or worse.


Can we finally leave the marketing calendar behind this Juneteenth?


Representing Black culture is a social responsibility and a business imperative that goes well beyond the 30-some days currently allotted to it.


Facebook Details Its Juneteenth Plans

Ad Week 

Businesswoman and fashion designer Tina Knowles-Lawson is helping Facebook celebrate Juneteenth (Saturday, June 19) with a video detailing her family’s deep connection with the holiday, their Texas roots, family memories and the beauty of how Black Americans embrace freedom as part of the holiday.


Juneteenth and the importance of the BIPOC community

The Drum 

47 of the 50 states now recognize this day as a state holiday and many major companies, including Nike, Target, and the NFL, recognized it as a holiday or day of observance. 


We asked 42 tech giants about their DEI initiatives. Here’s what we found

Fast Company 

Fast Company took a hard look at what’s changed—and what hasn’t—within the biggest technology companies in the country.


Brands and organizations commemorate Juneteenth with self-reflection

PR Daily 

As federal, state and local governments commemorate Juneteenth, brands and organizations are also finding ways to celebrate the day, too.

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