When it comes to my life in Advertising, there’s a lot I’m grateful for.

Advertising rescued me from a career as a really bad waiter.

It gave me mentors who taught me how to tell stories in unimaginable ways. And clients who trusted me to tell those stories.

Advertising gave me the chance to rub shoulders with bigwigs like Michael Jordan, Pat Riley, Bob Costas, Big Papi, Rod Stewart and others. And the once-in-a-lifetime chance to work with Arthur Ashe, just before he passed away.

Advertising has introduced me to some of the funniest, smartest, craziest co-workers you could ever imagine.  And opened doors both professionally and personally that changed the course of my life.

But what’s at the top of my gratitude list?

Easy. The chance to work with those who give back. Non-Profits. Relief Organizations. Mentors. Companies committed to doing right. Individuals whose sole focus is making life easier, safer and better for others.

I’ve met young gang members given the chance to escape a life of violence.  A man who dedicated his  every last breath to finding a treatment for ALS.  Even worked with those helping secure safe passage for young refugees.

It’s an honor to know these people. And at CTP, we’re surrounded by ‘em. Some are clients.  Some just friends. All offer a powerful perspective in a business that often moves too fast for us to slow down, count our blessings and remember what matters most.

So we’re seizing that moment. A chance as part of our 20th year in business, to take a step back, and put the spotlight on 20 causes that have touched our hearts, left an imprint on our lives. Some are seeking cures. Some improving lives.  Others simply spreading hope. And love.

We call it “20 Years, 20 Causes” and you can see it here at

It’s 20 chances to feel good about the world.

20 ways to say thanks, Advertising.

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See our work.

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