Here at CTP we find every chance we can to step up the intensity with a little competition. Cradles to Crayons‘ Chris Bentson likely didn’t know the fire he was fueling with his tweet “@ctpboston your morning shift filled 114 orders for disadvantaged kids-think the afternoon crew can do better?”

It was refreshing, and rewarding, to put our agency’s competitive edge toward a good cause yesterday. In honor of  CTP’s 15th Anniversary, the agency has been celebrating with “15 Days for 15 Years.” Yesterday was  # 9 -an agency-wide day dedicated to lending a hand to the greater Boston community. Part of the team took their morning commute to Cradles to Crayons’ new Giving Factory rather than 77 N. Washington, part served lunch at the New England Center for Homeless Veterans, and the remainder spent the afternoon at Cradles to Crayons looking to meet the challenge laid down in that Twitter post.

Day 9 was also the official launch of CTP Cares, a vehicle to come together as an agency and give back to the community. It’s founded upon CTP’s idea that philanthropy should be a company responsibility, shared between the agency and each of us individually. Cradles to Crayons and NECHV provided a great taste of the many worthy causes CTPers will be able to serve throughout the year, in addition to Mass Mentoring Partnership and Everybody Wins!

Though we might feel like our to-do lists are ever growing, it’s important to take a step back and realize that we can, and should, spare a couple of hours. The choice is that much easier once you witness the selfless approach of those who spend every day working at places like Cradles to Crayons and NECHV. Oh and yes, the afternoon shift did top the morning shift-199 packages to 114. But who’s counting?