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Boston Red Sox

We helped fix what was broken.
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Eastern Bank

We created a campaign around Eastern Bank’s central tenet: serve the underserved, and put the needs of customers and communities first.
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Red Hat

We helped generate awareness and preference for Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
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Breeders' Cup

We positioned horse racing’s year-end Championships as the biggest event of the year for fans and non-fans alike.
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We helped position MedExpress as an industry leader, all while defining an emerging healthcare landscape.
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We put an American classic back on the leaderboard.
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New Balance

We launched a campaign that strengthened the New Balance brand promise of shoes that fit.
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Lynch Foundation

From Finance to Philanthropy, we celebrated The Lynch Foundation’s 25 years of quiet, but significant, dedication to elevating nonprofit organizations.
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Pop Warner

Youth football was beginning to take some big hits. So we helped Pop Warner jump out in front of the story and communicate the importance of player safety.
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September 10, 2014

Why Marketers are Excited about the iPhone 6

It’s official. Apple’s new iphone 6 is BIG.  So big that cargo pants may be making a comeback soon. But while the new design is taller, thinner and more badass than ever, the most remarkable upgrade has nothing to do with appearance. At least, not where marketers are concerned. We’re...
September 4, 2014

CVS Proves Brands Are People, Too

It’s official: no more cigs at CVS. As of yesterday, the retailer ridded 7,700 pharmacies of its remaining tobacco stash and renamed itself CVS Health. Anti-smoking shoppers breathed a sigh of relief.  And smoke-free air. We all know that this was a big move for CVS.  And not a cheap...
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