Brandersnatch – How CTP Hack(athon)’d Night Shift Brewing’s Exciting RFP

Every day we run as fast as we can to deliver our best work for our many clients. But how do we make sure we are constantly learning and collaborating with each other? Because we have so many talented and resourceful people at CTP – what’s the best way to encourage collaboration that’s supportive, educational,…


Crazy about Nike ad

In the fall of 2018, Nike shocked everyone with the launch of its Dream Crazy campaign. The launch highlighted former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick and the memorable line “Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything”. Nike was able to sustain the staggering hype with another groundbreaking Dream Crazy ad. This new spot showcases…

Serena Williams

4 Super Bowl Ads that caught our attention

From the halftime performance to the game itself, Super Bowl LIII was full of mixed reviews. One thing we know for certain, we’re big fans of the game outcome. As for the TV spots, check out our four CTPicks for best Super Bowl commercials below.   Stella Artois “Change Up The Usual” Kevin Redmond –…

The secret sauce of Super Bowl advertising

We sat down with Grant Pace, our executive creative director, before Sunday’s Super Bowl to discuss what makes a brand stand out on advertising’s biggest stage. He should know. Grant helped create one of the most iconic Super Bowl ads of all time – Budweiser’s Bud Bowl.   What makes a successful Super Bowl ad? A good…

Super Bowl Ad

What would you do with 24 hours of Volunteer Time Off?

We all sat up and paid attention in 2013 when Life is Good announced that 10% of its net income would be donated to help kids in need. The Tom’s shoes brand originated in 2006 with the One for One® business model already embedded in its DNA. The Ben and Jerry’s Foundation was created in…

Best a brand can get?

Does Gillette hit the mark with its “The Best Men Can Be” campaign? Our folks at CTP have mixed reactions. Here’s what they had to say.

Nike Takes Gamble With Kaepernick Ad. Will It Pay Off?

When Nike unveiled its newest ad on the eve of the NFL season both praise and vitriol flew quickly. The company proudly put a stake in the ground on the issue of athletes standing up for their beliefs when it featured Colin Kaepernick in ads. Taking a knee during the anthem, originally spurred by Kaepernick,…

Nike takes gamble with Kaepernick ad. Will it pay off?

5 Tips to See If You Need a Website Refresh

We get asked this question a lot. And unfortunately, it’s not really a black and white question.

5 tips to see if you need a website refresh

The Hive @ CTP

The 2018 release of SpencerStuart’s annual study of CMO tenure revealed the median had jumped to 31 months.  Jumped.  That’s a stress-filled environment.   As today’s CMOs are often charged with determining strategies on the fly while the landscape around them continually changes, that unique set of demands means finding—and trusting—agency partners for project work. …

GDPR is Coming – What Do You Need to Know?

There has been a lot of attention about the lack of transparency around consumers’ personal data and how businesses need to be held accountable for what they collect, store, and share. In response, the European Union is cracking down, enacting new enhancements this week to their original (now outdated) law…