August 2013

CTP gets Google Glass

The first question I always get when I’m wearing the Google Glass is “HOW did you get that? I thought they weren’t out yet??” The story is pretty ordinary – I tweeted to Google’s Project Glass why I should be trusted with their newest, most exclusive piece of technology. And just like my peers, Neil Patrick Harris and Soulja Boy, I was chosen.

What was the stand out tweet, you ask? Not one to take contests I have no shot at winning seriously, I wrote about my life as a young woman living in Boston and my bitterness about the “reality” shows that kept popping up all over Boston, claiming these caricatures are real people with real accents and WICKED hahd lives.

So Project Glass picked the girl from Boston. I wondered why, it seemed like everyone else that entered was much more compelling and selfless than me. But I guess between the scientists promising to cure cancer and the philanthropists saving the world, Google needs people like me to create fun, lively content that you want to share with your friends.

And that’s just what we’re doing at CTP. While exploring how Google Glass can help us innovate and create for our clients, we’re also doing what comes naturally — playing around with a cool piece of technology. Check out our first video of my adventure to NYC to pick up the glass, then follow @CTPBoston and tell us what you’d like to see us do with the glass, using #CTPGlass.

August 2013