Infographic: The Rise of TikTok

The Week | Our view of the last 7 days in marketing & communications

The desire to belong, to feel like you’re part of a community, is a basic element of the human experience. Modern life was already challenging this – before the pandemic amplified it. This week, we’re intrigued by stories of those who are appealing to, building platforms for, or just diving into community. And, of course,…

The Week | Our View of the Last 7 Days in Marketing & Communications

2020’s uncertainty is shifting to school and sports. Back-to-school and back-on-the-court/ice/field are arriving, and they’re presenting opportunities and challenges – as well as complete unknowns for marketers. One thing we do know is that Morgan Freeman has an amazing voice; New York’s about to find out how influential it is.   Here are our seven…

Infographic: Post-COVID Media Habits

Our media habits already were changing. The current environment has hastened that disruption. Here’s a look at the platforms that are likely to remain a bigger part of consumers’ lives.  

The Week | Our view of the last 7 days in marketing & communications

Tic Tock, Tic Tock. The clock continues to shift on the social platform du jour, while some envision life without the largest one, which continues to face its own challenges. And speaking of time, we recommend spending the 7 minutes on Apple’s WFH ode. It’s equally funny, depressing and real – and reminds us what...

The Week | Our view of the last 7 days in marketing & communications

The summer of change continues this week. What’s different isn’t that it’s happening, but how it’s happening, with brands and individuals standing up for and rallying around significant change. This week, we have a tutorial for how to lead change as a brand – as well as those significant moves that are happening, or may...

The Week | Our view of the last 7 days

New in The Week, the Facebook boycott (#StopHateForProfit) gains steam with more than 500 brands joining the effort, while The Type Directors Club shuts down. Lululemon, Walgreens and the Tour de France, meanwhile, are embracing remote digital experiences. And be sure to check out our campaign inspiration from Coca-Cola and Bud Light!

Should your brand boycott Facebook?

Boycotts can simply be about expressing disapproval, but, more likely, your consumers will expect you to hold Facebook to change. And if you don’t truly know what change you’re demanding, then how do you know when to get off?  Or, in this case, to start spending again. That’s what Zuckerberg is banking on it when...

QSR in post-Covid world: 5 Questions with Papa Gino’s & D’Angelo CMO Deena McKinley

Our series of conversations with marketing communications leaders continues with a discussion about the impact the public health crisis continues to have on the quick serve dining category. Papa Gino’s an D’Angelo CMO Deena McKinley shared how the company quickly changed how they do business in an effort to reassure customers and keep business humming.

SEO in the COVID Era: 4 Optimizations you should focus on now

Chances are pretty good that your marketing budget has been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. And even as states reopen and restrictions lift, your budget may be in flux for the rest of 2020. It can leave you in a challenging spot as you plan for getting your business back in front of customers....