January 2014

Power of Mom

Power of mom


Two spots that caught our attention this week include P&G’s Sochi ad and Old Spice’s Momsong.

Why, you might wonder, are we seeing two CPG ads in the same quarter that prominently feature moms? Here’s my take:

The bond between Millennials and their parents is significantly stronger than we’ve seen in past generations. Boomers came of age – through Woodstock, college and the internal alienation depicted in films like “The Graduate” – largely in spite of their parents. Millennials, on the other hand, will come of age still closely tied to their parents. This is in large part a function of pervasive mobile technology. Researchers have tracking this change in relationship for decades, and the findings are powerful. For instance, 78 percent of Boomers include their children in major purchases like cars. And for Millennials, “my parents” is a top response when asked “Who do you go to for advice and opinions?” As the majority of Millennials cross into adulthood, the tension around forming an identity separate from one’s parents will prove more acute than in previous generations. Rather than a rejection between parents and children like we saw in the 60’s and 70’s, the two groups will maintain a close bond.

The positive side of the trend is depicted in the P&G spot. The darker, in the Old Spice spot. Which resonated with you most?

January 2014