Ads I’m Loving This Week


At CTP, we’re kind of obsessed with emotions. Of course, we love the hard stuff: numbers, results and tangibles. But our passion is feelings.

Maybe that’s why I feel the need to share advertising that makes me have a rush of them.

Here are three ads I’m loving this week.

1. Starbucks Conversation Films

Why I love it: We’ve all done it– read the text but misread the subtext.  But for those of us who treat our phones like wounded appendages, this ad campaign really hits home.The message is clear and simple: put down the device and meet in person. Face-to-face interaction (over Starbucks coffee, perhaps) creates opportunities for the raw, human exchanges that make relationships intimate and meaningful. The best part about these spots? Starbucks poses a problem and offers a solution in neat thirty-second sequences.

Who wants coffee?

2. Budweiser PSA

Why I love it: So many PSAs rely on scare tactics and tragic hypotheticals to change behavior. Not this one. Budweiser emphasizes the positive with puppies, flannel and a happy ending that makes us think. Most importantly, it illustrates a very important point: making plans to avoid drunk driving protects the ones who love you most.

3. Gatorade’s Tribute to Derek Jeter

Why I love it: This ad unleashes some serious human spirit.  Derek Jeter’s human spirit, to be exact.  In this film by Gatorade, we get an intimate look at what Jeter means to fans and vice versa. The piece is genuine, warm and nostalgic. Not to mention, the use of Sinatra’s “My Way” (chosen by Jeter himself) was sheer perfection. I call that a first rate sendoff for number 2.

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