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We helped generate awareness and preference for Red Hat Enterprise Linux.


Red Hat, the first open source software company to reach $1 billion in sales, remains an underdog. Its flagship platform, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, is up against tech behemoths with proprietary strangleholds on much of the market. To break more deeply into enterprise data centers, Red Hat needed to make an impression on corporate IT decision-makers. CTP’s role was to convince IT professionals that Red Hat is a lot more than Linux and open source, but rather a platform for innovation and growth in the emerging era of cloud computing.


  • Convert customers of other platforms to Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
  • Position Red Hat Enterprise Linux as a flexible, yet stable platform for business growth and future innovation.
  • Showcase the major proof points for choosing Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Human Spirit Insight

Too often, IT managers have been forced to say “no” to new projects or ideas from the business, under the weight of tight budgets and the demands of maintaining existing applications and infrastructure. Today, more than ever, businesses in every industry need their IT teams to lead innovation, to help them differentiate and compete. Red Hat, the enterprise-proven leader in open source software, is helping them eliminate one of the big obstacles to progress – the lock-in dependency and high costs imposed by traditional proprietary IT vendors. Red Hat puts the power of innovation – the power of "yes" – back into the hands of IT managers.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux and its open hybrid cloud model elevate IT organizations, enabling them to go from remedial cost centers to catalysts for business growth. Without the costs and constraints of proprietary vendors, a new kind of IT is possible – one characterized by open innovation. The mantra?
Red Hat Enterprise Linux. A Platform Without Boundaries.

Rhel 1


A minifesto staking out the brand tone and territory, and boldly challenging the industry’s long-standing incumbents.

Rhel 2

Brand Guidelines

To help the brand remain consistent across different media channels throughout various countries, CTP developed thorough brand guidelines including approved photography, color palette, and more.


The microsite, the core component of the campaign developed by CTP, is optimized for mobile, tweaked for SEO and integrated with the brand's existing CRM, analytics and marketing automation systems.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux asks “What If” in the CTP produced video, which highlights leading-edge companies that have discovered their path to scalability and performance, and the benefits of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Rhel 5

Online Display

Using powerful imagery, targeted messaging, and strong calls to action, our targeted display lead-generation campaign for Red Hat Enterprise Linux drove traffic to the CTP developed microsite.


The success of the campaign is evidenced by tens of thousands of unique visitors to the microsite, millions of impressions on IT sites, huge volumes of leads in targeted companies and Red Hat’s decision to extend the campaign globally. The campaign included content integration, email marketing, telemarketing, display banners and lead nurturing through follow-up emails.

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