Eastern Bank

We created a campaign around Eastern Bank’s central tenet: serve the underserved, and put the needs of customers and communities first.


With a history of commitment to customers and communities alike, Eastern Bank was poised for growth. It was time to claim its rightful title as the bank that empowers all.


  • Define and differentiate the Eastern Bank brand
  • Raise brand awareness
  • Increase brand consideration, favorability

Human Spirit Insight

Banks are a tough sell. They are highly regulated, and often offer parity products. And thanks to the practices of some of the larger banks after the financial collapse, people are distrustful, and tend to tune out their messages. But what if there was a bank that was doing things differently, and had been for nearly 200 years? A bank whose sole purpose was to move people forward, closer to their goals, both personal and financial? That would be different.


Eastern Bank’s mission is unwavering: to set opportunities in motion for the people and businesses it serves. Whether it’s supporting small business, personal goals, social justice or the communities it is a part of across New England, Eastern Bank truly lives its promise. One we captured with “Here, You’re First.”


The TV campaign puts hard-working customers and businesses in the spotlight. Captured in a documentary, user-generated style format, with no actors or staged scenes.

This spot, titled “First Things First,” is our anthem, showcasing all the ways Eastern Bank puts people and communities first.


In “Lawrence First”, we highlight Eastern Bank’s commitment to serving the underserved and their belief in putting people over profits.


No one does more for small businesses than Eastern Bank. “Work First” demonstrates this, highlighting the bank’s status as the state’s #1 SBA lender.

Eb work print ooh

Print & Out-of-Home

Print and out-of-home advertisements highlight Eastern’s commitment to the success of its customers and their communities.

Eb work banners

Display Advertising

Banner ads invite users to learn how Eastern Bank can contribute to their personal financial prosperity.

Eb work microsite

Landing Page

The “Here, you’re first” microsite celebrates Eastern Bank’s unique culture, and allows customers to experience it firsthand.


Eastern Bank confidently claimed its identity and customers agreed. 
Brand Awareness is at an all time high and brand consideration is steadily increasing, with strong recall of advertising and tagline. We've seen positive favorability and relevancy scores and significant volume to campaign microsites. 

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