Boston Red Sox

We helped fix what was broken.


Close the distance between the Red Sox and fans after two tough seasons.


  • Increase ticket sales
  • Regain fans’ support
  • Revamp the way the Red Sox communicate with fans

Human Spirit Insight

“The Sox are like family,” a focus grouper memorably said. “And sometimes you’re pissed at your family.” The bad seasons for the Sox felt less like a team doing poorly and more like a betrayal. The approach for messaging had to go deep. It had to be personal. Beyond just improving on the field, the Red Sox had to acknowledge the severity of the situation. Baseball, in Boston, means something. The Sox mean something. So we had to get right to the heart of the issue and begin to communicate in a more authentic, transparent and open way.


It was a mostly overlooked gesture in a meaningless game. A final 9 innings in New York that would bring a disastrous 2012 season to an end. But there was something about Dustin Pedroia’s insistence on playing in that final game, despite a broken finger, that stuck with us. And helped capture the tone, language and direction for our 2013 “What’s Broken Can Be Fixed” campaign.

Redsox work print


In a risky effort to bare all, print work features bold statements that acknowledge past failure, while promising dedication to a new way of playing the game.


Real words. True statements. No frills. Broadcast work captures the message the new manager was preaching, in his own words.

Redsox work banners

Online Display

Straight talk, not a hard sell, preceded the call to action.


This was one case where the results could not be measured with numbers. Yes, ticket sales increased. Yes, sponsorships returned. But what really mattered, in our clients' eyes even more than ours, was the healing of a broken bond. You could see it on social media channels, hear it on talk radio, and feel it in the ballpark itself. The magic was back. The family was happy again.

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