Apple of his eye

August 25, 2011

For obvious reasons, we most associate Steve Jobs with the products that have transformed our everyday lives. Heck, right now, I’m typing this on a MacBook, watching Apple’s stock fluctuations on my iPad and listening to a voicemail from my dad on my iPhone.

But it’s easy to forget his influence on Apple’s ads, and just how well they set Jobs’ products apart. They’re fun, creative, innovative, memorable, and – for the most part – simple in the way that Apple products are so simple to grasp. From the groundbreaking “1984″ spot to “Meet iPad” and “Think Different.” It’s quite a highlight reel.

My favorites, though, still remain those Mac vs. PC ads. Maybe I’m just a big John Hodgman fan. (As an aside, the Judge John Hodgman podcast, ne Today in the Past, sure makes my awful MBTA rides a little more tolerable.) I could watch them all day. My favorite? Hard to choose. But probably Vista vs. Mac Security (you can watch 15 of them here).

With Jobs stepping down, I’ll on one hand hope Apple’s products continue to “wow,” while, on the other, hoping the ads continue to, as well. Those iPhone 5 spots must be just around the corner.

Photo: Jordan Polizzi