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Spreading a life-saving message.

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Spreading a life-saving message.


In the event of a fire, a closed door can mean the difference between life and death by slowing the spread of fire and reducing CO2 levels. Our client needed a memorable way to ensure this message made it to the public, as well as get fire services involved in amplifying it.

Idea + Solution

We equipped the fire service with a simple message to articulate the importance of closing every door before going to sleep at night: Close Before You Doze became a catchy call to action and a critical tool we put in the hands of fire service professionals.

Our Role

Communications Strategy

Creative Strategy &  Development


Social Media Strategy

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Close before you doze

We developed a library of materials that firefighters could ship to their firehouse and use to educate their communities.

Social content was then created for firefighters to share on their own channels, making them a powerful amplifier of our message.

The campaign extended into a full PR push, utilizing compelling video footage of fire testing scenarios showing the marked difference between opened and closed bedroom doors during a fire.

In just over a year, Close Before You Doze became one of the main fire safety tips provided to the public by both the fire service and the media.


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Zoe Susice

Director of Strategy & Marketing

"What we’ve seen in under a year, the “Close Before You Doze" message has made it into that staple short list of fire safety tips that’s communicated
both by the fire service and the media to the public. That’s really amazing. It just doesn’t happen. And thanks to CTP, it did."

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