New Balance

We launched a campaign that strengthened the New Balance brand promise of shoes that fit.


New Balance franchisees felt the new corporate brand campaign didn’t fit their needs. Messaging was too focused on hardcore runners, and wasn’t giving consumers a reason to choose New Balance stores over discount retailers. CTP needed to create a campaign that supported franchisees by highlighting the retail point of difference: an amazing range of sizes and styles, backed up by a staff of professionals who know how to properly fit a shoe.


  • Increase adoption of corporate marketing materials and utilization of co-op marketing funds among franchisees.

Human Spirit Insight

Running is more than a sport. For runners it’s psychology, physical fitness and spiritual experience all wrapped into one. Runners, many of whom obsessively plan and overthink every aspect of their runs, should not be trusting the most essential connection between themselves and the road to a pair of off-the-rack shoes at a department store. Their running shoes need to be chosen and fit correctly, by an expert, so they can do the essential work of making running happen.


New Balance staff (called Fit Specialists) provide the expertise that chain discounters can’t, and help runners find the right shoe for the perfect stride. By assessing a runner’s unique gait, habits, size and shape, Fit Specialists are the difference between loving running and hating it.

Nb print


Print ads promote our Fit Specialists as messengers from the parts of your body that suffer most when shoes don’t fit, and lets franchisees customize the model and store information.


TV spot makes the New Balance Fit Specialist the hero, keeping runners in motion.

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POP works hard to tailor messaging to seasonal trends and key promotions.


Store owners galvanized behind the campaign.

Franchisees’ utilization of corporate marketing materials.
Co-op dollar utilization by store owners.
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