We helped position MedExpress as an industry leader, all while defining an emerging healthcare landscape.


Everyday illnesses and injuries are bound to happen, and they need to be treated. But they don’t often require an ER visit, and seeing a primary care physician can often be inconvenient. MedExpress provided an alternative with its urgent care model, and it was CTP’s task to position MedExpress as a quality leader in this growing category.


  • Educate the public about a new model of healthcare
  • Position MedExpress as the preferred urgent care provider

Human Spirit Insight

Getting medical care for your family, especially after normal business hours, feels like a visit to a government office. It is not a consumer-focused experience. What moms most frequenlty report hating is the fact that no one listens to them or treats them with respect. Showing moms that we respect them, their time, their judgement and relationship as a customer was vital in changing the dynamic to a consumer-focused experience.


Anything can happen today that might require urgent care. MedExpress provides high-quality, considerate care when you need it most. With a level of respect and professionalism not seen in the category.

Mdex work print

Print & Out-of-Home

The campaign assures busy moms with sick and injured kids that they will be treated, cared for and listened to at MedExpress, and educates them on what urgent care is and how it works.

Mdex work displayad

Online Display

Banner ads and rich media units connect patients to the care they need at the times they need it most.

Mdex work website


With streamlined design, relevant content and tools to connect patients to great care near them, the website is the first step toward a superior healthcare experience.


TV and radio bring MedExpress’s signature, compassionate care to life.

Public Relations

We secured regional and national media coverage by promoting MedExpress providers as medical experts on timely consumer stories and by featuring the company in healthcare trend stories.


MedExpress took the time to care, and emerged an industry-defining brand.
Patients agree that they can rely on MedExpress to provide compassionate, quality care.

Growth from 37 to 117 centers
since CTP’s engagement in 2009
400% increase
in earned media in new markets
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