Lynch Foundation

From Finance to Philanthropy, we celebrated The Lynch Foundation’s 25 years of quiet, but significant, dedication to elevating nonprofit organizations.


With its 25th anniversary on the horizon, The Lynch Foundation wanted to recognize its impact and celebrate its success – yet in an understated manner consistent with its ethos.


  • Raise awareness for the foundation’s 25-year impact
  • Focus on childhood education, one of the foundation’s core objectives
  • Generate media coverage for successful partner organizations
  • Inspire others to get involved in strategic philanthropy

Human Spirit Insight

The Lynch Foundation has had a real, lasting impact on people’s lives in the Boston area over the past quarter century. In the day-to-day work of making individual projects happen, looking back and taking stock of the real progress made is a profound and humbling experience. For The Lynch Foundation this experience was about getting to see the goodness that has been created since they have been here and the tangible difference that has been made in the lives of real people.


At its core, The Lynch Foundation is about “Connections.” It connects people, connects organizations, connects ideas and connects services to those who need them most. By investing time and resources into growing these connections, The Lynch Foundation and its partners have the opportunity to expand and impact the greatest number of beneficiaries.

Media Relations: The Lynches

We planned and executed a targeted campaign to advance the Lynches' impact in select, high-profile media with a broad cross-section of focal areas, including philanthropy, education, business and mainstream consumer.

Media Relations: The Foundation

We developed a campaign that highlighted the foundation’s work with specific nonprofit organizations, including a major gift to Boston Public Schools.

Lynch timeline2

Event & Interactive Timeline

We created the idea and theme for an anniversary celebration at which every attendee was directly connected to the foundation, either as a partner, leader or beneficiary.

The centerpiece of the celebration was a 100-foot interactive installation, which showcased 35 beneficiary organizations and their growth through the years.

Final lynch website


A redesigned website reflects the foundation’s work and impact, telling stories of the organizations, programs and lives that the foundation has impacted.


After a quarter century of quietly operating behind the scenes, The Lynch Foundation stepped into the spotlight. To showcase the foundation’s work, CTP secured features by influential national and Boston media outlets and a sitdown with TV’s foremost interviewer, and created significant engagement on Twitter. But most importantly, we raised awareness for the causes that the Lynches hold most dear, especially their tireless and selfless efforts in the field of education.

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