By Mark Fredrickson

April 5, 2018

An Opening Day Streak Hits 50

When you are in fifth grade and the teacher announces, in front of the class, that the principal would like to see you in his office, the feeling is beyond uncomfortable. It was April 4, 1969, at Proctor School in Topsfield. My face went red as the wheels turned in...
March 21, 2016

GE, Dell solidify Boston as hub of the ‘B2B’ universe

A shorter version was published in the Boston Business Journal, March 18, 2016.   In this season of political hostility, a Democratic mayor and a Republican governor ran a unified campaign to persuade GE, America’s eighth-largest company, to move its headquarters to Boston. While that may be the biggest upset...
August 4, 2015

Five things you may not realize you'll need for a successful IPO

Young growth companies find no shortage of advice on nearly every aspect of building a business – from early investors, consultants, management books or the business press. But on the road to a potential IPO, one critical aspect is often overlooked: communications. This can be a painful lesson. Success attracts attention. It’s...
March 7, 2013

The Challenges of Tech Marketing

After almost three decades helping to build reputations and brands and mindshare for big global technology companies — including more than 15 years running corporate communications and a variety of marketing functions for EMC — I finally had the luxury for the first time of taking a deep breath and figuring out what...
February 10, 2012

Tasteless Marketing Stunt Backfires in Boston

This is a story about a crass publicity stunt that blew up in the face of its perpetrators, and about how easy it is for bad advice to damage a brand.First, some context. It’s been a touchy week in New England. Our beloved Patriots came agonizingly close to winning their...