By Fred Conover

December 21, 2016

Do they know it's Christmas?

Back in the mid-1980s singer-songwriter Bob Geldof, from the Irish new wave band the Boomtown Rats, penned a song called “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” He wrote it to bring attention to the famine in Ethiopia, and recruited a Who’s Who of British and Irish artists – Boy George, Sting,...
November 5, 2013

Friends of Suffolk Downs

In my first job out of college, almost 30 years ago, I looked out the press box window every day at Suffolk Downs as the horses rounded the first turn, right in the shadow of the homes up on the hill at Orient Heights. This past weekend, for the first...
June 11, 2013

Inspired by equality

Last week, a CTP colleague and I attended the Anti-Defamation League of New England's Torch of Liberty Award dinner honoring Mary Bonauto, a lawyer and civil rights advocate who has done groundbreaking work to end discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender. The event was fittingly held at the JFK...
February 2, 2012

The legends, the one-hit wonders & the comeback kings

Beyond the actual game, the most heated debates in the aftermath of this Sunday’s Super Bowl will center on two expressions of creativity - the commercials and the halftime show.Super Bowl ads are our industry’s most widely viewed and closely scrutinized expressions of creativity. And with good reason. With investments...
May 5, 2011

First Saturday in May

Horse racing has always been a part of the culture here at CTP. My partner Chip and I both manned the press box at Suffolk Downs early in our careers, and we’ve done campaigns over the past 15 years for some of the sport’s grandest events, including the Kentucky Derby,...