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CTP, Sox Earn Emmy Award For #MyFenway

CTP and our client the Boston Red Sox won an Emmy Award for the 2015 #MyFenway campaign. You can check out the campaign’s signature anthem spot here.

CTP, Sox earn Emmy Award for #MyFenway

CTP Grows Analytics Offering, Adds Director

Building on its ongoing investment in marketing analytics, CTP, an award-winning marketing agency for clients like the Boston Red Sox, DraftKings, Save the Children, Microsoft and Eastern Bank, has announced Tyler Jordan has been hired as the agency’s Director of Analytics.

Tyler Jordan

Celebrating Our 20th Anniversary With a Smile

When CTP celebrated our 20th Anniversary we needed a video to mark the occassion. We hope Tom Petty and animals everywhere like where we ended up.

Celebrating our 20th anniversary with a smile

Instagram Evolved?

When a big brand changes its visual identity it draws a lot of opinion, especially when it is a popular photo application. So when Instagram announced its logo change we asked some of our visual branding experts at CTP what they thought. The company says its community has evolved but…

Instagram evolved?

GE, Dell Solidify Boston as Hub of the ‘B2B’ Universe

A shorter version was published in the Boston Business Journal, March 18, 2016. In this season of political hostility, a Democratic mayor and a Republican governor ran a unified campaign to persuade GE, America’s eighth-largest company, to move its headquarters to Boston. While that may be the biggest upset…

GE, Dell solidify Boston as hub of 'B2B' universe

CTP Launches Save the Children Campaign Around March Madness

As millions of us squirm with every missed shot in the NCAA college basketball tournament, CTP has partnered with our client Save the Children to draw attention to the real Madness going on in Syria. To raise awareness of the plight of thousands of children suffering during the war we produced a video to display...

Save The Children

There’s More to Snapchat Than Disappearing Pictures

Pop culture is crawling all over Snapchat. It’s in the news. Your kids use it. Maybe even you use it (but probably not). Everyone (particularly parents and marketers, but for very different reasons) wants to know: Why is Snapchat making waves, especially amongst the teen community? Teens are a part…

There's more to snapchat than disappearing pictures

Here’s How Neuroscience Can Help Improve Mobile Marketing

When Adweek looked at the growth of neuromarketing and its role in the burgeoning mobile space, it turned to CTP client Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience. To “understand the effectiveness of display and video ads on smartphones” agencies and brands are turning to companies like Nielsen.

“We’re realizing that as the world gets more cluttered, and there’s...


George Orwell, Budway Joe and Ling Ling the Impolitic Panda

CTP partner and executve creative director Grant Pace is quoted in Sports Illustrated’s Super Bowl Preview issue. Grant, who helped create and write the Bud Bowl campaign, offers his take on the Anheuser-Busch “Respect” spot that followed 9/11.


Save the World. And Pass the Cheese Dip.

We all know the numbers. A cool five mil for 30 seconds to be a part of the big show. Which for some brands is a drop in the Beechwood aged bucket to reach all those eyeballs. But in today’s ROI driven marketplace, where measurement and analytics rule, the expectations…

Save the world. And pass the cheese dip.

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