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Feeding the Digital Machine

I hated the Sunday paper. As a 10 year-old paperboy pushing a shopping cart filled with the Boston Sunday Globe uphill I dreamed about the day they stopped publishing. Now I want it – and others like it – to stay vibrant. Because social media users and bloggers depend on it….

Celebrity Publicists Are Dropping Like Flies

When I was learning about PR and communications in school, we were taught as PR practitioners that our job was to help our client. Through the good and the bad, we are paid to advise, counsel and ultimately help our clients achieve their goals. Apparently the celebrity publicists missed that…

Live, Press Release, Live

The press release is dead. Long live the press release. It’s been five years since Tom Foremski famously bemoaned press releases in his “Die! Press Release! Die! Die! Die!” post. But a funny thing happened on the way to its imminent demise. Despite intense debate and attempts to fundamentally alter…

A Link to Linked

I like LinkedIn. A lot. Wonderful tool for business. But it has a problem, one not necessarily unique among social networks. There simply isn’t enough fresh information to be useful in daily life. With so many social networks (and other media sources) vying for our attention, LinkedIn easily gets neglected,…

We Use Open Source (Maybe You Should Too)

Imagine if ten mechanics showed up at your door and offered to build you a car. For free. Not only will they build you a free car, they promise to be available 24 hours a day to do maintenance whenever something breaks and routinely install upgrades to make your car…

Cookies, Privacy and Germany: The Future of Web Stats

Statistics are a boon to online advertising. They allow us to gauge the effectiveness of campaigns, diagnose issues with content and answer the big question, “How popular is my site?” Without statistics, site owners (and advertisers) would be blind. Unfortunately, there is a growing movement that wants statistics tracking to…

Choosing a Content Management System

Today’s websites commonly employ Content Management Systems (CMS) instead of plain HTML, allowing non-programmers to make ad-hoc updates to content on the site. When building a site equipped with CMS, a big question for website developers is, “Which CMS do I use?” The CTP interactive team has some opinions on the matter,…

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