Out of Office

February 2018 | By Grant Pace

I am out of the office traveling from 2/16-2/25 and will have only limited access to email.  In case of emergency  please contact my assistant Cassandra cmurray@ctpboston.com. For CTP business, please contact Steve Angel  sangel@ctpboston.com.

I never liked the Out of Office email. So dry,  lacking in any real emotion or creativity.  It reeks of detachment, as if you simply cease to exist during the dates you are away.  When for me, the opposite is true. Because while vacation for some just means relaxing, I often learn new ways to work.

Take the boat captain who led us on a tour of the Na Pali Coast in Kauai.  At 6:45 a.m., he was WIDE AWAKE, so  excited to share a place he has seen thousands of times before.  Each waterfall discovered, each whale and dolphin sighted, each heartfelt story of his Hawaiian culture shared made the experience richer. More memorable. More meaningful. Felt like a lesson in branding.

There was the 40-year-old surf instructor who left home at 16 to seek surfing glory.  But instead discovered a love of teaching kids, including mine, everything he’s learned.  Patient.  Passionate. Disciplined. A bit like a workshop in management.

And there was each sunrise, fresh caught fish, jungle trail, waterfall, submarine, turquoise water, sea turtle, shaved ice, mermaid tail, rooster’s crow, fragrant flower, helicopter ride, new language,  untouched beach, child’s laugh, deep breath and stunning sunset. Each one a new color in the paint box.  And an inspiration for the next bit of content I’m asked to create.

Which might be a bit too long for an Out of Office email. But sure feels a lot more accurate.


– grant

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