By Kevin Redmond

April 11, 2017

Behind The Music (Videos)

The Studio 360 VR Video experience created by CTP recently received nods from the Webby Awards, AWWWARDS, and MITX.  While the website and 360 VR Videos are cool in their own right, there is a bigger story "behind the music". Consumers, especially millennials, are savvy, and sensitive to marketing.  So,...
January 30, 2015

Advertisers no longer rely on Super Bowl Hail Mary

TV has not died and Super Bowl commercials remain the Holy Grail of advertising. That said, it is impossible to deny that digital has significantly altered the playing field. Brands and their agencies used to do their best to create that single, epic, career-defining, :30 commercial, and keep it under...
December 5, 2014

Tom Cruise, a digital prophet?

I started my advertising career on the traditional side, crafting print, TV and radio campaigns. But then the Internet happened, and I was intrigued by how this new medium could impact the world of marketing. People thought it was a fad and wouldn’t last (no, they really said that). Here we are 15+ years...